8) What’s ahead?

Medicine beyond the clinic: wearables + genomics + networked patients + AI Pulling together everything that’s above, we can predict the location and shape — if not the exact form — of what what’s ahead in the next 20 years.  Obviously, large chunks of the industry of medicine will remain intact. Health care specialists and institutions focused on obstetrics, orthopedics, […]

6) The medical industry can’t keep up

Diagnostics and treatments already lag best practices by 17 years Given these cascading exponential changes, what might we say about the future of US healthcare, beyond the most obvious — expect the unexpected?  Let’s start with the effect of this multi-dimensional convergence of change shock waves on the existing US medical industry. First, obviously, many innovations will be […]

5) The lamp summons a new Aladdin

Inventing two extra dimensions of change The previous section looked at the many ways patient, iterative work by engineers exponentially improves the price, power and size of technology. While vast, the previous categories of improvement are, each on their own, obvious, quantifiable, predictable in scale, if not precise time-frame. Each can be easily graphed on standard […]

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