The medium is the medicine: a novel history

Medicine’s history is often portrayed as a sequence of discoveries, all made in laboratories. In fact, though, the biggest changes in US medicine over the last 200 years were propelled by forces beyond medicine, specifically, in media. How medicine’s stakeholders communicated in different eras ⁠— in formats including medicine shows, newspapers, cars, telephones, medical journals, and TVs ⁠— determined what, and how much, was communicated. Where information flows, medicine follows: now social media and biomonitors are ushering in a new age, one of patient generated medicine.

Looking for an N-of-1 service for a single patient trial?

Recognizing that most top selling drugs in the US benefit only a fraction of treated patients, some researchers have advocated single patient drug trials for nearly 30 years. An n-of-1 trial applies standard scientific methodology — including placebos, blinding, random block rotation, crossovers, washouts and statistical analysis — to determine a drug’s efficacy for an […]

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