4) Five categories of health technology change

More of more: devices, precision, data, users, and software  To be clear, I’m not claiming that any of the genetic data or analysis above is close to 100% accurate. Or that I know what all the numbers mean. Or that the results are in any way currently actionable — unless you’re considering asking me out on a date. […]

23andme’s new type 2 diabetes report changes the face of healthcare

23andme rolled out a new type 2 diabetes report this month that’s revolutionary. Previously, 23andme results told the average person obvious things like that she/he does, indeed, have blue eyes and dimples. They also made it easier to find unknown relatives. The new analysis goes a lot further — it quantifies your risk of type […]

3) A jumbo jet in every garage, a CAT scanner in every rec room

Patient, heal thyself As I’ve monkeyed with genetic tests, friends have reminded me that patients generally know a lot less than their doctors. (Yes, an eyebrow sometimes has been arched in my direction.) Overwhelmed by complexity and without years of rigorous training, patients are prone to grabbing at simple-sounding fixes. Avoid vaccines! Stop eating gluten! Gimme […]

2) A peek at my genes relating to empathy, OCD, and cheese burger risk

Recently I spit into a little plastic tube and sent it off to 23andMe. I sprang for the $200 DNA test because it was a fast, affordable way to detect genes relating to hereditary thrombophelia — a tendency to clot. I was interested because, in early October 2018, I had experienced a pulmonary embolism — in layman’ terms, clot(s) […]

Run in the morning sun, sleep better

Ben Franklin almost got it right. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” summed up sleep’s importance. But Ben’s folk wisdom got good sleep’s cause and effect backward. New research shows that how well you sleep often depends on what you did that morning. Morning sun The research, conducted at […]

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